Our Beer


At the Wood Boat Brewery, we have a passion for crafting on the finest beers, using only quality ingredients.  Currently there are four local farms growing hops and barley just for us.  The majority of our hop and a minimum of 20% of our malt is produced here in New York State.  Barely production in NY is increasing and ultimately the goal is to produce our beer entirely from New York State products.

We love our beer and hope you do too. CHEERS!

Pardon Me Pale Ale – 5.0% ABV

Named after the famous boat Pardon Me. Built in 1947, it is the largest wooden runabout in the world and can be found at the Antique Boat Museum here in Clayton.  Like its name sake, the Pardon Me Ale is rich and smooth.  This medium bodied ale has full bodied flavor that is reflected in its warm amber color, with a hint of caramel.  Pardon Me Pale Ale is brewed with five malts and has three hop additions using two hop varieties.  Refreshing and Rich!

Channel Marker IPA – 7.3% ABV

After a few of our IPAs you may need the Rivers channel markers to navigate you home!  Channel Marker IPA is decidedly hoppy and bitter brew with a complex malt characteristic.  It is made using five malts and has seven hop additions using two hop varieties. Hoppy and Happy!

White Cap Milk Stout – 4.6% ABV

This brew’s foamy head resembles the white caps on the rolling waves found in our great St. Lawrence River on a blustery day.  The White Cap Milk Stout is a very dark, full bodied, slightly roasted flavor, brewed with milk sugar to bring out its sweet side.  This beer has four malts and two hop additions. Unreal Smoothness!

Old Town Oatmeal Stout – 4.7% ABV

Named after the beautiful canoes and paddles found along the shores of the St. Lawrence River and beyond.  Old Town Canoe Co. constructed their first canoe in 1898.  Like its name sake, Old Town Oatmeal Stout is made with an eye for detail and a passion for quality.  It is a dark, full bodied roasted malt, brewed with oatmeal flavor and a touch of sweetness.  Made with five malts and three hop additions using two hop varieties.  Dark and Delicious!

Lyman Light Ale – 5.2%

Named after the gorgeous Lyman boats, famous for their mastery of the rugged chop of the water, this light and refreshing blonde ale will go down as smooth as a Lyman boat through the roughest river.  It has a mild malt characteristic and it’s easy on the hops.  Clean and Crisp!